Leesa SmithWriter & Publisher
Teacher, writer, publisher. Leesa was born on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Growing up on her parents property, Leesa had the freedom to roam the surrounding bushlands, developing a love of nature. She also developed a curiosity to see the world, wondering about people, creatures and cultures through the books she read at home and at school. With a young family of her own, Leesa began a quest to create and provide quality reading material that could be used both at home and in schools. Goanna Tales Publishing would combine her love of writing, art and teaching. By including Indigenous artwork in her Dreaming Series, Leesa has worked to blend English Literature with traditional Aboriginal artwork. Leesa holds a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Language and Linguistics. She develops her writing ideas based on family, as well as children’s concerns as they arise. Leesa produces Goanna Tales books by utilizing local artists, illustrators and small businesses. She continues to teach, and write for children.
Debbie Taylor WorleyArtist
Born in Narrabri NSW, Debbie’s roots are with the Kamilaroi people of the Riverine region of Northwest NSW. Although denied the influence of her Indigenous Grandmother, Debbie has always desired to understand more and belong to that culture. In doing so, she found a love for Aboriginal Art.
It was through her rigorous research of traditional art methods and styles of her people that Debbie developed a fascination for dendroglyphs (tree carvings), and a desire that more should be known about them.
Debbie holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art, and continues her passion for art through teaching, illustrating, painting and sculpture.
Rosie WareContemporary Visual Artist